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Bespoke Tailor and Custom Shirt Maker

Fittall TRAVELS i.e. We come to you at your Office/Business or your Home/Venue of your choice and at your convenience being during, before or after office/business hours including Weekends and Public holidays, within a 30km radius of Cape Town                       Learn More 

We are fully conversant with Design, Style, Make, Cut and Trims.

Fittall is an established bespoke tailor and custom shirt maker for almost fifty years. We are special not only because we have been in the business for many years. We are special from all the rest because we value our craftsmanship as well as our relationships with our clients. We ensure that each bespoke suit and custom shirt is made by our customers specifications  and follows a thorough quality control inspection - all for a highly competitive price.

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Bespoke tailoring and custom shirt making are not only fashion, but style coupled with superb craftsmanship.

When you need a new wardrobe or have a special event in the future, feel free to contact us either by text/whatsapp on +27827263010. or                                 Click Here

    Since  inception leading identities from local and national politics, the law, medicine, diplomacy, business and the world of entertainment have enjoyed the benefits of tailoring skills based on the best traditions of bespoke tailoring and custom shirt making.

At Fittall tailors high quality garments are made, for discerning gentlemen, entirely hand - crafted and precision cut from a unique pattern especially drafted to your physique and measurements.

Keep it Local

All our clothes are manufactured locally by expert craftsmen and you are guaranteed a perfect fit.

Telephone or Text +27827263010 for an Appointment


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