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    Our personal journey is full of symbolism, life needs to have patience with us until we find our way. About us at Fittall  is the case for one of 12 siblings, (being 5th from the oldest down to the youngest. Selwyn grew up and was educated in an era when education and training was an expensive and hard to come by commodity in Cape Town, South Africa. Having an after school job as a vendor in a luxury cinema, set up the finances to further my studies (because stationary and text books had to be purchased by the student) and also taught me about business when I was selected to drop the vending and become a counter assistant at the same cinema, thereby also giving me a substantial increase in income.

    Throughout this time Selwyn also started an apprenticeship with the firm of I.L.Back Tailoring Division (then Monatic Alba) as a layer-up in the Cutting Room, then later dropping the counter assistant job to do the sewing and assembly training with an older tailor at his home after work at night before going off to study at the S.A. Academy of Cutting and Designing.

    My big break came (unknowingly) when I joined the Pattern Room staff under the auspices of Mr. Charles Boydell (Creative Director) former Fellow with the Designers Guild in London and his assistant Mr. Cedric Kippie (now in Australia)

     All the training and preparation finally paid off with the establishing of Fittall a (Bespoke Tailoring Workshop)

an appentice being taught about drafting

While at  I.L.Back Selwyn assisted Stellenbosch University Dept. of Engineering in their attempt at building a computer aided Garment Technological System (The Harris Interactive System) similar to Gerber Garment System or Investronica and Lectra systems of which I have had training on all three systems.

Selwyn remained with I.L.Back for fourteen years finishing there as an Assistant Designer to join the team at Rex Trueform for the next three years in the Design Room Men's Wear Tailoring Division.

     For the next thirteen and a half years, Selwyn worked and Managed the Grading and Marker making section at Dermar Fashions (Ladies and Kids Clothing Manufacturers)

    Selwyn's training in the computer aided design systems started with Dataknit in 1990 with Computerized Pattern Grading, then CITB (Clothing Industry Training Board) with their 6M Simulation course in 1995, then in 1996 a course namely GERBERmarker Automated Grading and Marking System with GGT International Division, a further course with GGT Accumark Pattern Design followed in 1998 and a further course in 2003 with Dataknit International (a refresher course based on the Windows Platform) with a final training course from Lectra of their PGS INDUS V8 and GENMA V8 in 2006. Selwyn finally went on a Business Awareness and Financial Management course with SEDA (Small Enterprise Development Agency) in 2016

     Selwyn still had notions of joining the IT industry when in 1996 he went for a Microsoft Windows 95 course with Cheshire Associated Training Services and a Basic Programming course with Access Computer Training Center


Telephone or Text +27827263010 for an Appointment

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