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 His and Hers Combinations for Fittall

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    Gents Double Breast jacket for Fittall with button one show four with Peak lapel and Ladies Single Breast button two also with a Peak lapel both as Club blazers with three patch pockets for a perfect his and hers combination. 

His and Hers double breast suits  His and Hers Casuals His and Hers Single Breast


    Gents Single Breast button two jacket with patch side pockets and elbow patches and Back detail i.e. true Fittall   Sporting look and nice combination of his and hers with Ladies in Single Breast button three Loud check jacket.

His and Hers Smoking His and Hers same fabric His and Hers Sporting

    Gents Double Breast button two jacket show six with jetted side pockets and flaps peak lapel and Ladies in Double Breast button one show six with Peak lapel with side flap pockets and top welt with slight flared skirt both in Navy broadcloth with contrast chalk stripe waisted and cropped and categorize for Fittall as his and hers.

His and Hers same Stripe His and Hers Overcoats His and Hers same winter weight fabric


The above styles are only suggestions, here's some more bespoke type clothing for Ladies and Men


Still more suggestions for Ladies and Men


Telephone or Text +27827263010 for an Appointment


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