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 Sports Jackets and Blazers for Fittall

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    Mens' blazers are sort after Formal and semi-formal everyday wear at Fittall either to the office or for a special event or even as a casual and sporty garment. Here are some examples;

    Fittall blazers has an easy styling with various variations as shown for Casual and Club blazers, but these are only some, for bespoke blazers the client decides on the different variations and combinations (albeit with suggestions by the cutter/tailor) and these are only limited by the clients imagination.

Single Breast Casual Jackets Double and Single Breast Blazers Double Breast Casual Jackets


    As for Sports Jackets there's no hard and fast rules with regard to styling, fabrics etc. as with Blazers which would normally be made from either barathea or wool and two colours namely Navy and Black, Below are some Sports Jackets examples

Men's Safari Casual Jackets Men's Straight Front Jacket Different Back Designs


All of the above can have either have Fronts and Pockets as shown, but over and above that here's some other front and pocket designs which could also be incorporated into the sport or safari or even the blazers if so desired.


     The above can also be incorporated into suits if so desired by the client


Telephone or Text +27827263010 for an Appointment


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