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As of late, it’s been noticeable that more guys are starting to take an interest in more sophisticated things. Some have taken a liking to finely distilled spirits, such from many of Europe single malt whiskey or gin. Others take it little further by collecting well-crafted watches, from small watchmakers to bigger luxury brands. But for some, it’s in having well-tailored suits, or for those that have a more refined preference, bespoke suits.

Bespoke suits are the most personally crafted type of suits one can have made, as opposed to made-to-measure suits which, to be put simply, is just an already made suit that is altered to one’s measurements. Bespoke, on the other hand, is a suit that is made from scratch. This involves a consultation with the master tailor to determine what type of suit will be made, what occasion will this be for, what materials will be used, and other necessary details, which usually takes around two months, including several fitting sessions.

(a) We offer a wide selection of 100% Wool Suiting fabrics from Super 110's to Super 150's quality from many of Europe's Top Fabric Mills. Amongst our range are Valentino(Marzotto) Cerruti 1881, Ariston Napoli, Dormeul, Vitale Barberis Canonica and Reda, with prices ranging from R660.00pm to R1580.00pm inclusive.

(b) Cashmere Wools is the ideal fabric for long luxurious coats, scarves etc. with pricing determined by  the suppliers and distributors.

(c) Tweeds are perennial classics associated with tradition and quality, originating in Scotland in the 18th century. Tweeds are rough, unfinished woolen fabrics with a soft, open and flexible texture, these are ideal for outerwear, is moisture resistant and durable. It is used primarily for casual suits and overcoats with the most recognizable tweed patterns including herringbone, Prince of Wales checks, houndstooth and donegal and that most famous of all from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland the Harris Tweeds.

While silk blends are highly sort after for the manufacture of suits and formal wear it is also a desirable shirting.

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(d) Shirting is mostly from Egyptian cotton being the finest cotton in the world, but other types from other countries is also available i.e. Viscose from India etc.

(e) Linens are mostly Irish with Brocades for evening wear.

(f) Silk is obtained from the cocoons of silkworms. Natural beauty, comfort in warm weather and warm during the colder months, pure silk offers luxurious softness and lustrous beauty.and is an all climate fabric i.e. Warm and cozy in winter and comfortably cool in warmer climes while being highly absorbent letting the skin breath and absorb perspiration is also wrinkle and tear resistant and washes easily and dries quickly.

(g) Cotton and viscose are both 100% natural fabrics. They are soft, breathable and moisture-absorbent.

(h) A wide range of imported stretch and non-stretch denims, cotton twills and stretch cottons  are also available. Perfect for looking smart yet casual!.

(i) People should strongly consider lining their garments with fabric made of acetate.
Such garments have a higher moisture absorption capacity than similar products made from Polyester

Garments lined with acetate have the ability to breathe, are very soft and body conforming-All of which makes them far more comfortable than similar garments lined with Polyester.

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