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Services offered by Fittall

These two services namely; Made - to - Measure


 Bespoke Clothing including Ladies, Gentlemen and Kids

1. A Visit by an experienced Designer/Tailor at a venue and time of your choice. 

2. Assist you with the selection of your Fabric

3. Discuss and Assist with Styling.

salesman measuring for made to measure

4. Discuss and Assist with Trims, including Linings, Buttons etc.

5. Have your Measurements taken and determine your height and shoe size.

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As for Bespoke clothing this is a different story (in my opinion among others)

1. A text, call or whatsapp from you or someone on your behalf (secretary/personal assistant) to make an appointment for Fittall to visit you at a specific place, date and time of your choice, which should be followed up by either an e-mail or a text confirming the appointment.

2. Fittall (the Company) will get back to you or someone on your behalf within 24 hours by e-mail to confirm the date and time as requested or otherwise.

3. Upon confirmation of the above by mutual agreement you will be visited by a Qualified Designer/Tailor with the necessary experience to attend and advise you on the selection of Fabric, Discuss and Advise with your Styling, Discuss and Advise with Trims including Linings, Buttons, Accessories, Embroideries, Monograms, Edge Stitching's, Piping's, etc.

a bespoke workshop

4. Have your preliminary Measurements taken and enquired what your height is and determine your physique i.e. whether you have square or slope shoulder, whether you have a rounded back (sitting at a desk for your working day) what your shoe size is (to determine the width of the trouser bottoms) etc.

5. The first visit should take -+ an hour of your time

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An interpretation of "bespoke clothing" by other firms

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Telephone or Text +27827263010 for an Appointment


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