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At Fittall we believe that there is a natural marriage between bespoke tailoring and custom shirt making.

A top quality custom shirt complements a good suit or jacket (blazer) and trousers, whilst a shirt of a lesser standard can only detract from the quality of your overall  presentation.

    When you order a custom shirt from Fittall we take up to 13 separate measurements for each individual client and offer a large variety of options with regard to fabric and style, and while we're not limited to our presentation we welcome suggestions from our clients.

A Stripe ShirtA speial events shirtA custom made check shirt

Furthermore our custom made shirts are available with a diverse  range of collar styles, French, fancy, double or button down cuff, a large choice of pocket shapes (or your own design) various pleat styles (back, front, side , etc.) and all and any button, either (you supply or we do) and the best fit , whilst at the same time reflecting the individual personality of the wearer.

Shirt with small neat collar and 2 buttons on rounded cuffShort button stand and split frontButton down collar with smart concealed button cuff

Another example of a custom shirt with short neat collar with pin-threw and standard cuff with button and/or cuff links for the more sporty look in fancy stripe cotton as suggested here.

Shirt with standard collar and double cuffPin-thru collarshirt with special raglan type insets

Small straight collar for the sporty type with string tie and standard small round cuff for cuff links and or buttons in flamboyant small check for the cowboy or outdoors look which is also a custom shirt.

Special breast pocket with insetsporty lookjetted breast pockets

All designs and variations of custom shirts can be used for any other fabric variations as desired by the client and his/her imagination


Telephone or Text +27827263010 for an Appointment


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